11/11: ancora sui cartoncini (e buste) Diamond

Ecco la spiegazione relativa ai Comic Defense System e ComiCare (cartoncini e buste Diamond):

Diamond to Unify Comic Defense System, ComiCare Brands
As reported in Diamond Daily, Diamond’s Comic Defense System (bags, boards, boxes, etc.) and ComiCare supply lines will soon be united under the ComiCare brand.

“Essentially, the two labels have always represented the same supplies,” explained Geppi Family Enterprises Chief Purchasing Officer Tim Lenaghan. “This has occasionally led to confusion among customers who didn’t realize that, when a collecting item offered under one brand was unavailable, it could be ordered under the other brand. Merging the brands will make it easier for customers to find and order the high-quality collecting supplies they need.”

Lenaghan teased one new enhancement to the unified line that retailers can look forward to: “The backing boards offered under the new, combined ComiCare brand will be 100% acid-free.” Previously, ComiCare made no claim and Comic Defense System claimed acid free at time of manufacturing.

Lenaghan went on to add, “This makes the boards more attractive to collectors and more profitable for retailers.”

Comic Defense System products will be available while supplies last. Once supplies are depleted, the related item codes will be discontinued. Bags, boards and boxes will all be sold under the ComiCare brand. ComiCare item codes will remain the same and customers will start to see newly designed cover-art as stock is replenished.

Diamond is working with manufacturers and suppliers to replenish any oversold ComiCare items as quickly as possible. New stock is anticipated to arrive next month and Diamond will begin to fill open orders as soon as the product is available.