13/03: Diamond e Coronavirus

Mentre smistiamo l’arrivo americano (finiremo domattina) riceviamo una comunicazione da Diamond che copiamo, per quanto divulgabile oltre il canale retailer, qui sotto. Steve Geppi (patron di Diamond, Alliance e altre imprese legate a questo ambito) è una persona molto attenta e, ancora una volta, lo sta dimostrando.

Diamond, Alliance Announce Coronavirus Measures

A Message from Geppi Family Enterprises Chief Relationship Officer Chris Powell:

Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors take our vital role in the supply chain very seriously. Our existing Employee Wellness and Business Continuity Teams have had their charters expanded to include the Coronavirus outbreak and its implications.

Our Employee Wellness Team has been focused on the immediate issues surrounding the teams in our various facilities, such as updated cleaning regimens recommended by the CDC, a waiver for employees who want to take sick days but may not have accrued time, increasing our work-from-home capabilities, testing of our employee emergency contact system of emails and text messages, and new or updated policies relating to business and personal travel. […]

Our Business Continuity Team is focused on assessing each of our individual locations and identifying our path forward should the workforce at that location be diminished by the virus for some period of time.

Both teams are meeting several times a week to identify weaknesses not covered by our existing disaster recovery plans and document remedies, because we recognize the importance of weekly shipments to our retailers and vendors [grassetto mio –Piermaria].

While both teams have prioritized internal communication, we are now working through the early stages of a plan to keep the supply chain informed through regular updates like this one. We will be reaching out to individual suppliers to ask what steps they are taking themselves, and anyone can feel free to reach out to us through my email or through your brand manager. Included in this process will be logistics/freight providers, printers, publishers, and numerous other vendors crucial to our operations.

I think these steps should provide some level of comfort as we move forward, for all involved, and will keep you in the loop as we make other changes/improvements.

Thank You,
Chris Powell
Chief Relationship Officer
Geppi Family Enterprises